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Eternity House


About us

Eternity Productions, Inc. -- Celebrating 20 years of Ministry and Life Changing events!  Eternity House began in October of 1999, in a small church in Conway, AR.   Thank you so much for supporting this ministry for the past 12 years. History of Eternity House


Eternity House began in October 1999.  It began as an effort to reach the lost of the community of Conway and surrounding areas of the state.  The first year there were approximately 40 individuals involved in putting on the production.  Even though the first year of the Eternity House was held at a small church outside of Conway, there were almost 500 in attendance with churches and individuals attending from all around the Central Arkansas area.  Approximately 30 decisions were made to either accept Christ or further one’s walk with Him.  Everyone involved felt that true revival had taken place.  Several of the churches that attended also spoke of how the Spirit moved in their worship services over the next few weeks as a direct result of having visited the Eternity House.


The ministry was continued in 2000.  God opened the door for the old Ford-New Holland building located at 812 Merriman Drive in Conway, Arkansas.  During the 2000 presentation God blessed the event once again by allowing the ministry to see approximately 1500 people attend the event, with over 60 individuals saved and over 150 other decisions for the Lord.  The response was overwhelming.  A true revival had taken place once again.


In August of 2001, God re-opened the door to have the same location as the previous year.  This was absolutely awesome, because the walls and staging could remain the same without a lot of extra up front costs to get ready for production.  The 2001 season brought about God’s blessing once again with well over 2200 people in attendance, over 99 decisions for Christ, 15 surrendered to the ministry, and over 100 individuals recommitted their walk with the Lord.


In 2002, we were blessed to have access to the old National Home Center building next to Office Depot in the Conway Towne Center in Conway, Arkansas.  We were allowed to use this building rent-free.  Over 3000 people attended the event.  There were 139 individuals who accepted Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, 77 individuals recommitted their walk with the Lord and 27 other decisions were made.  Many other churches and individuals became involved in the ministry in 2002.  It now takes over 150 volunteers and actors to put on the production each year, with approximately 12 churches in the Central Arkansas area in participation.


The Eternity House was also held at The Conway Towne Center in 2004 and 2005.  We saw over 2000 people walk through the event each year with over 100 individuals accepting Christ each year, as well as worked with “Feed the Children” organization in 2004 to feed over 500 people in the Conway, Arkansas area.  In 2006, we moved to 3941 Dave Ward Drive in Conway, Arkansas and saw another 136 people accept Christ with 2093 individuals walking through the event.


In November of 2007, we participated in two evangelism events through stage productions.  We worked with the Caroline Baptist Association in Lonoke, AR.  This event saw approximately 50 decisions, with around 1000 people in attendance, as well as a morning evangelism training with approximately 75 people in attendance, then they were able to participate in door to door evangelism throughout the city of Lonoke.  The following weekend, we had the awesome opportunity to participate in another evangelism stage production event in Faulkner County at Greenbrier First Baptist in Greenbrier.  This event also gave us the opportunity to do some door to door evangelism in the city of Greenbrier in cooperation with the members of Greenbrier First Baptist.



Since, 1999 God has blessed this ministry with over 15,000 people to walk-through the Eternity House event or visit an Eternity House Stage Production, and over 500 individuals accepting Christ.  We are now searching for a permanent location in the Conway, Arkansas area.  Eternity House productions offers quality family friendly drama productions (walk-through dramas, stage productions, weekend discipleship events, and dinner theaters) that share a message of hope and Jesus Christ. We are now in TWO locations, Conway, AR and Camden, AR and God continues to bless.  We hope that you will join us at one of our upcoming events, or contact us for more information.   Should you wish to support this ministry, please email us at





Our Mission

Eternity House Ministries soul purpose is to share Jesus with others and to see individuals accept Him as their personal Lord and Savior.  Our goal is to present a presentation that is based on biblical principles that show the reality of what it means to ask Jesus to come into your heart.

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